Network Connection Check

Welcome to Ooma's site for checking your network connection to validate its ability to support VoIP calling.

If this is the first time you're visiting, you should know that running the test will require a small program (called BCS) to be installed on your computer to enable the testing to proceed. The process is fairly quick and painless whether you're using Windows, Mac or Linux!

We have two tests that are currently available to demonstrate the stability and consistency of your connection. While speed helps, consistency is most important when it comes to supporting Voice over IP calls.

The most important test to run is the first one. It will ensure your firewall has the correct ports open to support VoIP traffic, and then it will simulate placing two VoIP calls. It also checks your connection's quality.

If there are issues with these results, then you may choose to run the second test, which will test speed and the route that traffic takes to reach us.

That said, below, please find the two tests:

Ooma Network Connection tests:

Consistency, Firewall and VoIP test
Speed and Route

If you need the link to download the BCS for a platform other than windows, click here.